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The instructions for authors on how to submit a new contribution to the Journal for Christian scholarship is contained in this section. The procedure for the submission of a revised manuscript following peer review, by again using the online submission system, is found under Instructions for re-submission.

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•    Submission of original work
•    Cover page
•    Formatting requirements
•    Publication ethics
•    Plagiarism

How to start the submission
This procedure should also be followed in the event of re-submission (following peer reviewal)

Submission of original work
Authors are requested to submit only original contributions, which implies work
•    which do not claim to be original, whilst similar work by others have already been reported;
•    that have been conducted honestly and strictly in accordance with appropriate scientific requirements and standards and was not produced in a dishonest or fraudulent way;
•    which contain sufficient detail and reference to public sources so that it enables peers to repeat the work, if necessary;
•    which represent an accurate account of the research carried out and the results yielded, to provide for objective discussion of the significance thereof;
•    which accurately report the data, also in such a way that problem areas are treated likewise;
•    where the references are properly cited, with the duty on the author to ensure that it is done carefully and accurately and in the required format;
•    that gives the necessary credit to the findings and work of others that had an influence on the proceedings;
•    contain the outright permission for information which was obtained privately from individuals; the relevant consent to the inclusion of such information may be requested;
•    which include all statements of proof that the experimental protocols were approved and executed in accordance with the guidelines of the relevant agencies;
•    that do not contain material which was plagiarised or material that is improper or obscene or in any way unlawful, and that the rights of others are not infringed;
•    which is not the result of fragmented research in order to multiply the number of articles; and
•    that have not been submitted to other journals or publication media.

To be noted
The experimental or theoretical study may in certain instances justify a critical reflection on the thought or work of another scientist. Personal criticism will, however, not be tolerated.

Cover page: The cover page forms part of the submission, which must be located on the first page of the manuscript. It should be in the same language in which the manuscript is presented. The following should be provided:
•    Article title: The title should be short and explanatory;
•    Authors’ details: The title(s), full name(s), position(s), affiliation(s) and contact details (address, email) of each author are required;
•    Corresponding author: To which one of the authors should correspondence be addressed to.
•    Summary: The number of words, pages, tables, figures or any supplementary material are to be stated;
•    Abstract: An abstract which is a concise summary of content of the article submitted, is required. The abstract should be both in the language of presentation, as well as any one of the other two languages provided for.

Formatting requirements:
Where the article is to be presented in English, only British English should be used. The Oxford English Dictionary is to be consulted in this regard. The author(s)’s version of MS-Word is to be adjusted to UK English accordingly.

Language: Manuscripts are to be presented in either one of the following: (British) English, Afrikaans or Dutch.

Font type: Arial
Symbols font type: Arial
General font size: 10pt

Line spacing: 1.5

The manuscript should be structured through the consistent use of headings.

First heading: normal case, bold and 14 pt.
Second heading: italicized, bold and 12 pt.
Third heading: italicized, not bold  and 12 pt.
Fourth heading: normal case, bold and 11 pt.


Headings should be numbered according to Arabic style down to the third level e.g. 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, but with the fourth not numbered.


Graphics, which include diagrams, tables, sketches and explications prepared in any computor program, must be saved in ‘jpeg’ format and submitted as an attachment, with an indication of the pages in the manuscript were each is to be incorporated. The letter type used, must be adapted to that of the journal.

Publication ethics
It is expected from authors who submit contributions to The Journal for Christian scholarship to adhere to sound ethical procedures and standards.

Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. 

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